Rivers and Lakes of Greece

This dataset contains various information about greek rivers and lakes. For each object contained in the shapefile a unique URI is created and a spatial literal is attributed to it. The spatial literal corresponds to the closed polygon (for lakes) and the multilinestring (river) which defines the underlined area. For example, gwb:lake_1 a gwb:Lake ; geo:hasGeometry "POLYGON ((24.12 34.80, ..., 24.12 34.80))"^^geo:wktliteral

Created by: Karpathiotaki Maria, Vlachopoulos Ioannis, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens.

Used Data: http://geodata.gov.gr/geodata/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=18&sobi2Id=31

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